The tour around the island by boat is one of the marks on the calendar for many adventurers in São Tomé and Príncipe, but also for many who chose the country to live in, or spend a well-deserved holiday. Held, most of the time, on the first weekend of February, the trip already has a considerable number of participants, many of them veterans, and others to be “baptized” on the way, which is done on medium-sized boats or on jet skis.

People gather at dawn, and the port of the city is the starting point for one of São Tomé’s most coveted adventures. We sail from the port and, at the beginning of the trip, we are graced with the spectacular view of the Ilhéu das Rolas (Islet of Rolas), which fills us with excitement for this long-awaited adventure.

The green of the landscapes that accompany us is invigorating! There are times when the extension of the green mantle is lost among the blue tones of the sea. The islets that appear make us want to jump off the boat and stay there, forgotten off the coast of the island.

Our first stop is in Guadeloupe, where the crew invites us to dive into the warm waters of the Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon). We continue on, hypnotized, and with eyes firmly on the landscapes. Between rocking back and forth, we delight in a drink and a snack, which are included in the package of this unforgettable route.

The second stop is in Baia de São Miguel (São Miguel Bay). What a fantastic place! For the first time during the trip it is possible to see, from afar, a waterfall carved out of the middle of the green. Again, we have the desire to stay, but we must leave this discovery on the island of São Tomé.

Our next and final destination is the Ilhéu das Rolas (Islet of Rolas). Along the way, the sea begins to get a little rougher and the rolling of the waves makes us want to land at the final destination. Finally, we arrive! Natives of the Islet await us with refreshing coconut water and a welcoming song. It’s wonderful!

We recovered from the bustle of the sea and managed to enjoy the beautiful view of the Pestana Group Resort, where the rustic mixes with the modern. It is our first stop on the islet, to replenish energy after the rolling waves, with a buffet full of traditional foods, lots of fruit and seasonal fruit juices.

After the rest, we are invited to visit the equator line, a mandatory stop. Here, a lookout was built, with a stunning panoramic view over the islet.

Night falls and the song of crickets is in the background, accompanied by the singing of the waves that invites you to a moment of introspection until dinner, with a traditional menu, accompanied by traditional musical entertainment.

At the end of this experience, the new Directorate of the Tour Around the Island 2020 was elected, which renews the invitation to adventurers on duty to pack their bags and leave with us on the next edition of this exciting tour through the charming corners of São Tomé. Have a good trip!