10 Good reasons to visit and Know

One of the last paradises on earth, where nature is still intact since the first people arrived there; The friendliness and gentleness of the locals, who are particularly attentive to tourists; The security it demonstrates, for being a peaceful country and the very low crime rate;  Little tourist affluence, keeping it a well kept secret.

cidade st

Its beaches with beautiful sand, warm and transparent water, great for diving and snorkelling.~The plantations – vestiges of a past with a grand economic expansion. The overwhelming green of the luxuriant tropical vegetation; The excellent gastronomy, with special distinction going to what comes from the sea: fish, octopus and seafood; In a general way it is a very cheap country; Diving off the enchanting Banana Beach, on the island of Príncipe and resting amongst the coconut trees and satisfy the soul before the landscape.