From the farm, with the Paradise beach named Praia da Banana on one’s feet, much of the territory of the island and its dense forest of a lush green can be observed, undoubtedly hiding a natural life still full of mysteries. In Roça São Joaquim, another possible stop in this soft drift movement, there is a unique view of the island, focused on the fabulous South in an irresistible invitation to an incursion through this region where man continues to bow down under the power of mysterious and unexplored nature. In the South, it’s worth meeting the inhabitants of the fishing communities, namely Abade, and responding the call by the waters for penetrating them in search of stunning scenery, viewed through amazing rock walls.

praia banana

Another memorable experience, that has already been mentioned here, which is worth remembering is the possibility of bathing at night in these warm waters surrounded by a cloud illuminated by phosphorescent garfish shoals. It’s an unimaginable experience. Praia da Banana is a pearl of the Principe,~a star publicized by Bacardi in a constellation of deserted beaches with fine sand, clear and transparent waters. Palm and coconut trees in clenched rows bow reverentially towards a bay whose shape is reminiscent of the delicious fruit of the archipelago, bananas, rich and delicious in its seven varieties. There are so many fantastic beaches on Principe island, each one with specific features, all paradise like yet always different, special, with the very details that distinguish them and call for visit.