About literature, the first name who immediately occurs in São Tomé is Almada Negreiros, one of the largest figures of the Portuguese literature and who surprising many persons was born in São Tomé. The first records of Almada Negreiros in the “História Etnográfica of São Tomé Island” refer the literature of oral tradition, of which Francisco Stokler is the exponent, written in the dialect “forro and dated the second half of the XIX century. However, among the great innovators of the written literature, the poets Caetano Costa Alegre (verses, posthumous) and Marcelo da Veiga (the Song of Óssobô) were enhanced. Being considered unanimously as being the major São Tomé writer, Francisco Jose Tenreiro, poet sociologist, enrolls himself in the circle of the literary expression in the fourties, fifhties and sixties. After the independence, the names of Albertino Bragança, Sacramento Neto and Frederico Gustavo dos Anjos were emphasized in the domain of fiction and Francisco Costa Alegre, in poetry and prose.
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